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Product Description

Silica Sand 1500-3000 micron

Silica sand in the 1500-3000 micron size range consists of coarse to very coarse particles, with most of them falling between 3 millimeters (3000 microns) and 1.5 millimeters (1500 microns) in diameter. This range of silica sand is used in various industrial applications that require larger and coarser sand particles. Here’s a description of silica sand in the 1500-3000 micron size range:

  1. Particle Size Range: Silica sand in this size range is characterized by its coarse to very coarse particle size, making it suitable for applications that require substantial-sized particles.
  2. Purity: High-quality silica sand in this size range typically contains at least 95% silicon dioxide (SiO2), ensuring a high degree of purity.
  3. Color and Texture: Silica sand in this size range is typically light-colored, often white, beige, or pale yellow. It has a coarse and granular texture, feeling rough to the touch.
  4. Chemical Composition: The primary chemical component of silica sand is silicon dioxide (SiO2), making it chemically stable and resistant to most chemicals and environmental factors.
  5. Industrial Uses:
    • Construction: Coarse silica sand in the 1500-3000 micron range can be used in construction materials such as concrete, mortar, and grout to enhance texture, workability, and strength, especially in applications where a coarser aggregate is desired.
    • Sandblasting: It is suitable for sandblasting applications where a very coarse abrasive action is needed for surface preparation and cleaning, often in heavy-duty industrial settings.
    • Erosion Control: In erosion control measures along coastlines and riverbanks, this size of silica sand can be used to reduce the impact of water currents and waves.
    • Landscaping: Coarse silica sand may be used for drainage purposes in landscaping projects or as a decorative element in some settings.
    • Manufacturing: In manufacturing processes such as metal casting and mold making, this size range of silica sand may be preferred for achieving specific molding and casting characteristics.
    • Equestrian Surfaces: Coarse silica sand is sometimes used in horse riding arenas to provide a stable and non-slip surface.
  6. Filtration: In certain industrial and municipal filtration applications, where very large-sized particles need to be removed from liquids or gases, this size of silica sand can be used as a filter medium.
  7. Agriculture: In agriculture, it may be used in soil mixtures to improve soil structure, aeration, and drainage in specific applications where very coarse sand is beneficial.
  8. Filler in Construction Materials: Silica sand in the 1500-3000 micron range can be added to various construction materials, such as grouts and cement-based products, to improve texture and workability, especially in applications where a coarse filler is required.

The specific applications of silica sand in the 1500-3000 micron size range can vary depending on factors such as the desired coarseness, the need for specific characteristics, and the requirements of particular industries and projects. This size range offers versatility for applications where very coarse particle size is needed.

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“MEREN” is a Jordanian company located in Aqaba , 65km away from Aqaba port with a concession area of 12 square km at Ras Al-Naqab (Al-Humimmah Village).
“MEREN” is a Leading company in extracting silica sand and is considered one of the world’s best-known source for high quality silica sand and quartz, with a minimal negative impact on the environment.
“MEREN Co” is leading the mining of Glassy white and red silica sand of various product specifications up to 99.6% purity and of different particle sizes.
The job is done with solid competence, experience and technical know-how of mining, as processing and development of silica sand in Jordan started since 2007.
Moreover, “MEREN” has a private multi-industry free zone area incorporated with the headquarter in Amman.