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10000Ton (Min. Order)


US$ 5/kg 1 kg(Min.Order)

Product Description

Silica Sand Flour 100 micron

We are engaged in offering high quality Silica Flour that strictly conforms to industrial standards. Our Silica Flour has precise composition of chemicals that are efficient in performance. We are capable of taking up bulk orders of Silica Flour. Clients can get Silica Flour from us at reasonable prices.

The mill uses a rotating drum filled with steel balls or other grinding media to break down the silica sand particles. As the drum rotates, the grinding media crushes and grinds the silica sand, reducing it to the desired particle size.

Silica sand flour with a particle size of 100 microns, often referred to as “silica flour,” is an ultra-fine, finely ground form of silica sand. It is characterized by its extremely small particle size and is used in various industrial applications that require precise particle control and high purity. Here’s a description of silica sand flour with a particle size of 100 microns:

  1. Particle Size: Silica sand flour with a particle size of 100 microns consists of very fine particles, with most particles measuring 100 micrometers (µm) or 0.1 millimeters in diameter. These particles are extremely small and fall into the category of “microsilica.”
  2. Purity: Silica sand flour is known for its high purity, typically containing over 99% silicon dioxide (SiO2). The high purity is essential in applications where even trace impurities can have significant effects.
  3. Color and Texture: Silica sand flour is typically light-colored, often white or pale gray. Due to its very fine particle size, it has a powdery texture, feeling soft and smooth to the touch.
  4. Chemical Composition: The primary chemical component of silica sand flour is silicon dioxide (SiO2), making it chemically stable and resistant to most chemicals and environmental factors.
  5. Industrial Uses:
    • Filler and Extender: Silica sand flour is widely used as a filler or extender in various materials, including plastics, rubber, adhesives, and sealants. Its fine particle size helps improve material properties such as reinforcement, viscosity control, and overall product consistency.
    • Construction Materials: In construction applications, it may be used in concrete and grouts to enhance flowability and reduce shrinkage. It can also improve the properties of certain mortars and coatings.
    • Ceramics and Glass Manufacturing: Silica sand flour plays a crucial role in the production of ceramics and glass, helping to control particle size distribution, improve melting properties, and increase the strength of final products.
    • Paints and Coatings: It is used as a functional filler in paints and coatings to enhance properties such as opacity, durability, and rheology.
    • Silica Gel Production: Silica sand flour can be used in the production of silica gel, a highly porous and absorbent material used in various industries, including moisture control and chromatography.
    • Foundry Casting: In foundry applications, it can be used as a core and mold-making material when a very fine sand is needed for intricate castings.
    • Chemical Manufacturing: Silica sand flour may be used as a component in chemical processes, such as catalysts or as a carrier for controlled release formulations.
  6. Health and Beauty Products: Silica sand flour is used in some health and beauty products, including toothpaste, skin creams, and cosmetics, as a thickening or abrasive agent.
  7. Abrasives: In some cases, it can be used as a mild abrasive in polishing and buffing applications, particularly when a fine abrasive action is required.

Silica sand flour with a particle size of 100 microns is prized for its consistency, high purity, and ultra-fine nature, making it valuable in a wide range of industrial applications where precise control of particle size and purity is essential.

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“MEREN” is a Jordanian company located in Aqaba , 65km away from Aqaba port with a concession area of 12 square km at Ras Al-Naqab (Al-Humimmah Village).
“MEREN” is a Leading company in extracting silica sand and is considered one of the world’s best-known source for high quality silica sand and quartz, with a minimal negative impact on the environment.
“MEREN Co” is leading the mining of Glassy white and red silica sand of various product specifications up to 99.6% purity and of different particle sizes.
The job is done with solid competence, experience and technical know-how of mining, as processing and development of silica sand in Jordan started since 2007.
Moreover, “MEREN” has a private multi-industry free zone area incorporated with the headquarter in Amman.